Who is the chef?

Dinner Game


Bookable from 50 persons and up

From € 59.50 per person

Dinner or buffet

Private space

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Expandable with beverage package

Up to 100 people

The perfect combination!

Where just a few years ago no one would have eaten spelt bread or taken a healthy quinoa salad to work for lunch, healthy eating is all the rage now!
In this game you will compete in teams with food-related questions and assignments while the chef prepares a delicious 3-course dinner or buffet for you. Between courses, the game will be played!

Game assignments

Several rounds of questions pass in review. During this game, the senses are stimulated and there are multiple doing tasks! From guessing spices blindfolded to a cloche full of products whose origins need to be figured out. Together with dinner, the game lasts about 3 hours and is interactive!